Posted by: purplegirl | 2 August, 2006


gear timeline:
1978: Kodak Ektralite 10 camera (used 110 film)
1983: Nikon FE (manual 35mm film SLR)
1990: Nikon TWZoom (film point/shoot)
1991: Nikonos V body and lens kit (first manual underwater film SLR)
1994: Canon ELPH APS (used APS film)
2002: Canon iXus4 (4.0MP point/shoot digital)
2003: Canon PoweShot SD20 (5.0MP point/shoot digital)
2004: Nikon D100 (digital SLR)
2006: Nikon D200 (digital SLR)

my current stash:
– Canon PowerShot SD20
– Nikon FE
– Nikonos V body/lens
– SB-105 flash for Nikonos V
– Nikon D100 with 18-70mm
– SB80 flash
– Nikon D200 with 18-70mm
– SB600 flash
– 60mm f/2.8D AF Micro
– 70-200 f/2.8 AF VR (the best professional telphoto zoom Nikon has ever made)
– 55-200 f4-5.6 AF
– 18-200 VR (ordered July, expected delivery date: Sep 6-20, 2006)
– my mom also just gave me her Nikon N8008s body/lens/flash (35mm film SLR)
– several Lomo cameras

wish list:
– Gitzo 1155T Tripod legs
– Gitzo 1178M ballhead
– complete studio lighting kit
– my own film darkroom

Posted by: purplegirl | 2 August, 2006

mr. jose diaz

i got my very first completely manual SLR film camera when i was 11. it was a brand new Nikon FE and it was the most precious thing i owned. i must’ve played with (inspected is more like it) that camera every minute of my waking hours as i don’t remember ever having (or reading) the manual. so there i was observing how the curtain opens at different shutter speeds and f/stops. i knew every nook and cranny of that camera within a day.

after a few weeks, i decided to enroll in mr. jose diaz’s photography class. his main forte was developing black and white prints. cool. that’s what i liked, too.

mr. jose diaz was a menacing man. he was 300 pounds and about 7 feet tall — at least he was to a puny 11-year old. he was bald and loud. real loud. just menacing. still, i was bent on developing my own prints so i conquered my fear and went to his class, never missing a single day.

i don’t remember much of the lectures and i can’t even remember if he even taught us composition. all i remember was his explanation of the parts of the SLR camera and how the shutter speed and the aperture complement each other to create a perfectly-exposed photograph. i also remember vividly how to develop negatives, enlarge them, and process the prints. almost twenty years later, i still have one of those prints. almost twenty years later, i’m still developing my own black and white prints and negatives.

so i owe mr. jose diaz my knowledge of photography. and guess what, after a few weeks, this huge man wasn’t really menacing after all. wherever you are, mr. jose diaz: CHEERS!